IPL Action Minute by Minute on Your Phone

India is known as the nation of cricket lovers and rightly so.The game of cricket invokes great passion and is one of the most followed and played sports in the country.

Since cricket matches are followed with such fervour and enthusiasm, it’s no wonder that IPL has gained popularity. Over the past decade, IPL has become a highly addictive and popular cricketing event in the country with top class players from India and the world participating in it. 

At Paytm we understand how passionate our merchant community is about the game of cricket, and how difficult it is for them sometimes it is to watch or follow the game in their hectic lives. So, to ease their lives and offer them some entertainment, we have launched the IPL Live Score Widget on the Paytm for Business App.

Our merchants can now follow their team’s progress from anywhere easily with the live score widget on the business app. 

Access the IPL score widget right on the home screen.


Check out team score, info on players, partnerships, commentary and more



Paytm for Business App is a tool for merchants to digitally upgrade their business without hassles. Merchants can easily accept payments, settle their payments every day into their bank accounts, maintain a digital khata and a lot more. Paytm for Business App is a one stop solution for multiple business needs.

So, if you don’t have the Paytm for Business App on your phone, we’ve given you another reason to get it.

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