Factors to Consider when Integrating Payment Gateway in Android/iOS Mobile App


Mobile commerce is flourishing, and optimizing your store according to your mobile audience is critical! With each day you do not implement the best approaches in your store; you potentially lose a significant amount of money.

  • According to The Drum’s 2019 Ecommerce Year in Review, 63% of traffic to retailers and 53% of sales happen via mobiles.
  • According to OuterBox, 79% of smartphone users have made at least one purchase online using their mobile devices in the last six months.
  • OuterBox also figured out that 40% of Black Friday sales happen via smartphones.

Whether you sell goods or services, your customers are bound to make in-app purchases. This article will talk about payment gateway integration in Android apps (or iOS).

It may seem like a challenging task, especially for small businesses. But we are here to tell you how you should choose the right mobile payment gateway for your business app. So, by the end of this blog, you should not feel too overwhelmed.

What is a mobile payment gateway?

A mobile payment gateway is a platform that facilitates financial operations between customers and the business. It uses strict security protocols and encryption to pass the transaction data safely.

In simple words, a mobile payment gateway lets businesses authorize and process payments in their mobile apps.

Although there are multiple steps, the whole process takes just a few seconds:

  • The customer adds products to the shopping cart in the mobile app connected to the payment gateway.
  • The payment gateway enables businesses to enter payment information.
  • The customer selects their preferred payment option and clicks on the ‘Pay’ button on the checkout page.
  • The mobile payment gateway sends the request to the issuing bank.
  • If there are no problems, the bank confirms the transaction.

When integrating payment gateway in Android app/iOS app, consider these factors

1. Your target market:

When choosing a mobile payment gateway, you must first take into consideration your target market. Not all payment gateways may be supported in the countries where your mobile app users are living.

If you have a global business, opt for an international payment gateway that supports multi-currency payments.

For example, Paytm Payment Gateway supports international transactions in more than 200 currencies through all major international cards.

2. Types of goods you sell

The type of goods you are selling on your mobile app is another important aspect to consider when integrating payment gateway in Android app/iOS app.

For example, if you want to sell digital content on your mobile app, you will be dealing with Play Store or App Store policies for in-app purchases. So in this case, you can not use third-party payment gateway service providers as all transactions need to be made via Apple ID or Gmail.

On the other hand, if you want to sell physical goods, it is best to go for a third-party mobile payment gateway service provider. You can choose a mobile payment gateway that can be integrated into your mobile application through specialized APIs, just like the Paytm Payment Gateway.

3. PCI-DSS compliance & protection against fraud

Internet and financial frauds are almost synonymous these days. Therefore, having a good protection system that prevents illegal actions is a must when enabling mobile payments for an app.

At the same time, ensuring customer banking data is passed through a payment system that is security standards-compliant is also necessary.

Yes, we are talking about PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. Getting a PCI-DSS certification may take months and lots of money.

However, an easier route would be integrating a PCI-DSS compliant mobile payment gateway that can safely store your customers’ banking data and securely handle mobile app payment processing on its own servers.

4. Payment methods preferred by your mobile app user

Different mobile payment gateway service providers support different customer payment methods. You must find out the preferred payment methods of your customers before choosing a payment gateway to the mobile app.

Usually, mobile app users prefer apps that offer more than one payment method. The reason behind this is that a mobile store that has one payment method and you have never heard about before sounds untrustworthy.

Paytm Payment Gateway offers a wide range of payment methods including, Paytm Wallet, all cards, net banking, UPI, EMI, and fixed deposit.

5. Capabilities a payment gateway provides

Usually, businesses need to open a current/business account with a bank for commercial purposes.

Paytm Payment Gateway offers the facility to attach your current/business account so that you can streamline payment acceptance from a single platform.

Our payment gateway offers an intelligent business dashboard that is capable of helping you:

  • Get real-time analytics and customisable reports.
  • Create payment links to accept payments.
  • Create offers and no-cost EMI options.
  • View and manage your settlements.
  • Manage and initiate refunds.

That too at highly competitive pricing!

Yes, many payment gateway providers charge high commissions, which can often be painful for businesses with high annual product turnover and an equally large number of customers.

Our mobile payment gateway is quick to configure and integrate with your account. Moreover, it would not heavily pinch your pocket, which is great, especially if you are a small and medium-sized business owner.

6. The interface customization

UI and UX are critical for delivering a great checkout experience to your customers. Therefore, you need Paytm Payment Gateway integration in the Android/iOS app to enable customisable payment pages that match your brand and app.

Apps with payment pages that differ from the app in terms of UI and UX often look suspicious to their users. They tend to trust the apps with payment pages that are design-wise and experience-wise in line with the rest of the app.

Paytm Payment Gateway offers several checkout solutions that allow businesses to customize their payment pages & checkout flows and enable them to deliver enhanced payment experiences to their customers. Our major checkout solutions are:

7. Extra features

In addition to the intelligent business dashboard, our mobile payment gateway offers a host of extra features that businesses can enable quickly and easily.

Anything related to payments that can come to your mind, Paytm Payment Gateway can offer that to you. For example, link-based payments, bulk payments, refunds, recurring payments, real-time settlements, etc.

The list is ever-evolving as we are committed to adding more and more features that solve the specific pain points of all types of online businesses.

8. Pricing

Pricing is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a payment gateway. For many online businesses, MDR (or the Merchant Discount Rate) is an important criterion.

MDR is the transactional rate charged by the payment gateway service provider for enabling online payments via different payment methods for businesses.

Apart from MDR, there are various other payment gateway charges involved as well like:

  • PG purchase charges
  • AMC or Annual Maintenance Fee
  • Interchange fee
  • Hidden charges

While pricing is important, deciding based on this factor alone is not a good idea. You must consider other factors mentioned in this blog before choosing a payment gateway for your iOS/Android app.

Paytm Payment Gateway is known for offering highly competitive pricing for its world-class solutions.

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9. The reputation of the company

Lastly, checking what reputation your chosen company holds in the market for its solutions and services is crucial for making a decision with regards to integrating payment gateway in Android app/iOS app. There are several factors to consider here:

  • How long has the company been in the payment gateway market?
  • What do the existing clients have to say about the company’s products and services?
  • Has the company worked with big clients?

Choosing a mobile payment gateway is a challenge, but you can master it. Take a note of the factors talked about in this blog and match them with your business requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Make an informed decision that provides a comprehensive benefit to your online business. Choose Paytm Payment Gateway today.


  • Payment gateway supported in your target market’s geography
  • Payment methods and currencies supported
  • Whether the payment gateway service provider offers the features your online business needs
  • Security compliance and anti-fraud technology in place
  • Pricing models of different service providers
  • Possibility of UI & UX customisation
  • Client base and client reviews
  • Support provided for integrating the mobile app payment gateway

Contact us, and we will help you integrate Paytm Payment Gateway into your iOS/Android app.

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