How Does Paytm Payment Gateway Offer Highest Success Rates

Paytm Payment Gateway Highest Success Rate

To thrive and survive in the online market space, it is essential for every business to think from the customer’s perspective. It is hardly surprising that concepts such as customer-centricity and customer-first approaches are being widely explored and adapted by online businesses.

One very important factor that pretty much defines the customer experience at least as far as payments are concerned is the success rate.

The success rate of transactions determines how seamless your checkout process is for the user, how fast the transactions take place and eventually how well the business does.

Before we delve into the characteristics that can help a business increase the success rate of transactions on their website, let’s understand the term and its implications.

What is success rate

The success rate of transactions is the percentage of payments that have been successfully completed on the website or app. It can be calculated by dividing the total number of transactions that are successful by the number of transactions that were attempted.

To understand this with an example, let’s say there were 200 transactions attempted on your website. If 20 of them failed and only 180 could go through, the success rate of your transactions is 90%.

There can be multiple reasons for payment failures that can be broadly categorised into two groups. Unsuccessful transactions from the customers’ end and failures from the merchants’.

Reasons for transaction failure by users

  • Taken longer time than usual to complete the payment
  • Payment cancelled mid-way by the customer
  • Submitted wrong card details or passwords
  • Insufficient balance in the account

Causes of failure by merchants

  • Bank downtime
  • Dependency on external banks for transactions
  • Relying on a single payment gateway despite of large sale volumes

How does success rate affect customer experience

Low success rates can directly reflect on the sales of a business as well as the brand reputation.

Cart abandonment:  57% of shoppers will abandon their cart if they have to wait three seconds for a page to load. If pages take longer to load and there are lags, users tend to lose patience and turn towards websites that make shopping easier for them.

When the checkout process is quick and seamless, there are lesser chances of your customer dropping from your website midway.

Reduced customer base over time: Customers are so used to being offered seamless experiences online that even a small friction on your website can impact their decisions.

For instance, many have a preferred method of payment and if your store does not offer that option, customers would rather choose to shop from a different place. Such issues can reduce your customer base over time.

Inconvenience during checkout: Some websites ask the user for additional information apart from the mandatory details before the payment can be completed. However, every set of action required from the user adds to the complexity of the task.

A convenient checkout experience should ask for minimal details and enable auto-filling by pulling data from saved cards and personal details so that customers do not have to add them each time.

Reasons for Paytm Payment Gateway’s highest success rates

Paytm Payment Gateway offers industry-best success rates. The following factors are primarily responsible for ensuring the fastest and hassle-free transactions.

365 million+ saved instruments– Checkout speed indicates the convenience of buying for an online customer. Paytm Payment Gateway has 250mn+ saved cards, 100mn+ saved bank accounts and 15mn UPI IDs.

This extensive data that is already stored enhances the checkout experience for your customers by freeing them from the hassle of entering their payment details time and again, thus reducing transaction time and increasing success rates.

Inhouse banking infrastructure: Paytm Payment Gateway uses its in-house infra – Paytm Payments Bank to facilitate transactions. Other payment gateways need to rely on external banking infrastructure, leading to incremental hops and dependency.

Additionally, with Paytm’s intelligent routing, direct integration with the top six banks in India and 15 bank gateways, the transaction time is significantly reduced to ensure that your customers’ payments go through every time.

Built to scale: The systems are built to handle a large scale of transactions and high peak loads. Paytm Payment Gateway has the industry highest capability of processing up to 3000 transactions per second which is greater than all other major payment gateways put together.

Uptime: Any payment gateway promising zero downtime is not an accurate claim. However, even when they offer an uptime close to 99% every minute difference of decimals can make a huge impact on the time taken for transactions.

Paytm Payment Gateway offers 99.99% uptime which makes it one of India’s most reliable and robust payment gateways.


The pandemic has led to a surge in the already rising online e-commerce market. More and more people prefer buying on the internet. Hence, it is all the more important for businesses to choose their payment gateway wisely such that there is no compromise on the customer experience.

Paytm Payment Gateway’s highest success rate and world-class infrastructure mean that you have a robust and reliable solution for your payments. Apart from the benefits mentioned in this article, the gateway offers the fastest settlement and best security measures. There is no reason why your business should settle for anything less.



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