Paytm Payouts: It’s a Wrap for 2020!


2020, has undoubtedly been the year of exceptions. Early this year when we were hit by COVID-19, we understood that it’s the time when our clients will surely look for solutions to go digital with their payouts. Paytm Payouts growth was faster than we imagined. It’s not us, but you who helped us reach here. We surely wouldn’t have done this without you!

Our numbers do the talking!


Yes, we made so many new product features live with us for Paytm Payouts that we can say that we literally rose from the ashes. Have a look at our transition journey for the Year of Innovation as we would say it :

As we look back, we have enabled our client businesses with

  • Instant 24*7*365 payments : Now your business payments do not have to stop on weekends and bank holidays, but can be done 365 days an year and at any time of the day.
  • Industry best success rates : We offer a complete in-house technology that enables us to provide you with the best payout services in the industry
  • Easy reconciliation : With Paytm Payouts, the process of reconciliation is now not a tedious one as it used to be.

We let our brand partnership story do the rest of the talking!


And, we have so much to look forward to, in 2021..

As we move into year 2021, we strongly hold the vision of making Paytm Payouts as the simplest and the most trusted platform for businesses to make their payouts. We see ourselves holding the key to unlock the potential of a business to go completely digital. Paytm payouts will become a one stop solution to automate your business’s every financial transaction with lots of new exciting features and product offerings.


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