Sell on Flipkart: How the Marketplace is Helping Businesses Grow Faster

sell on flipkart

Known to be one of the biggest online marketplaces in the country, Flipkart has seen massive growth since its inception almost 15 years back. The company has significantly contributed to the e-commerce revolution and helped thousands of businesses sell through its online platform.

The Walmart-owned online marketplace, Flipkart recorded 167.4 million website visits in India in July 2022. 

If you are looking to grow your business and ensure a wider presence, Flipkart is an ideal platform. The company helps businesses scale faster and create a strong identity online. This article explores the methods to sell on Flipkart and shares insights on how the marketplace can be beneficial for your business.

Why should you sell on Flipkart?

Website is a primary channel to connect with the audience and sell your products/services. However, several other avenues also offer opportunities to expand the business – an online marketplace like Flipkart is one such. Here’s why your products should be on Flipkart.

Reach: Your products may be unique and your business may hold a strong potential but steady growth requires extensive reach. Flipkart helps you target over a million users from across the country. A larger presence is essential in transforming sales for your business.

Costs: Selling on Flipkart incurs negligible costs, especially when compared to an offline store. The brand visibility is better, sales are higher,  and the shopping experience is smoother. The store can be easily set up and the commissions are fairly reasonable helping you make good profits.

Logistics: The Flipkart process simplifies selling online for every business that partners with them. You do not have to worry about shipping and delivery of products. Their logistical network with a team of 10000+ delivery agents coordinates through 200+ pick-up hubs for hassle-free delivery of orders to your customers.

Support: Flipkart is also an ideal platform owing to the assistance it offers to businesses in taking their products live. The company ensures that the products are well represented and marketed by connecting with partners who help with photography, promotions and advertising. 

Data: The company also helps businesses with the relevant market data that indicate demand for products, the latest trends and so on. This can help businesses understand the requirements in advance and make informed business decisions.

How to sell products on Flipkart?

There are three broad steps to start selling on Flipkart

  1. Add basic details and GSTIN
  2. Enter pick-up details
  3. Set-up seller dashboard

Let’s look at the step-by-step process to setup a Flipkart seller account

  • Sign up and set up an account on through your mobile number
  • Add basic details including your email id 
  • Select the category you want to sell in
  • GSTIN/PAN is mandatory to sell products under all categories except books where only a PAN card is sufficient
  • Verify your email address
  • Proceed to enter the display and pickup details in the onboarding dashboard
  • A green tick will appear against the sections once all the necessary details are verified
  • If you are selling only books, enter business details and an address proof
  • Create your signature by drawing or entering the full name
  • Add store description and enter your store details
  • Click on ‘go to listing’ to list the products
  • List at least one product to complete the registration and start selling
  • Once everything is verified click on go live
  • Update your bank details on the Flipkart seller dashboard

You can also request a callback through the dashboard in case of any questions or queries.

Depending upon the category your product belongs to it can be listed in the specified sections.

Whenever a customer places an order for your product you can mark it ‘ready to dispatch’ and Flipkart’s logistic partner will pick the product to deliver it to the customer.

The payment is settled within 7-15 days once the order is successfully dispatched.

Listing products with all the adequate information helps your customers select and buy them more easily.

Flipkart has a step-by-step process starting from choosing the category to adding product details and images for the listing.

The team also helps you connect with experts who can offer assistance with developing your product catalogues. 

How much does Flipkart charge?

Selling on Flipkart is entirely free however, the company charges a commission on every product sold.

Businesses need to pay the following charges on an item value:

  • Commission fee which is a percentage of the product value according to the category 
  • Shipping fee which is calculated on the basis of the product weight and location 
  • Collection fee which is the payment gateway or cash collection charges 
  • Fixed fee which is charged on all transactions 

The final amount received by the seller is after subtracting the above-mentioned fees as well as GST from the order item value (selling price & shipping charge paid by customer). Here’s an example for better clarity on the charges:

ItemAmount (INR)
Selling Price 1500
Commission Fee (varies across categories/verticals)150 ( assuming 10% )
Shipping Fee (Local shipping, weight 500 grams)35
Collection Fee (2 % on the order item value)30
Fixed fee40
Total marketplace fee255
GST ( 18% on marketplace fee deduction)45.09
Total deductions300.09
Settlement Value (Amount credited to you)1199.91

Key benefits of Flipkart Seller Hub

To sell on Flipkart is easier because of the following tools and processes introduced by the company

Cataloguing assistance: 350+ catalogue partners across India for quality images and complete description of products

Easy pick-up and delivery: Smooth pick-up and delivery to 1000+ cities with 10,000+ delivery personnel

Quick payments: Hassle-free payments within 7-15 business days of dispatching an order and credited directly to the bank account

Growth Capital: Access to financial assistance and capital at competitive rates with zero collateral and quick turnaround time

Training: Training through webinars and self-paced learning platform Smart Learn to help business partners sell efficiently

Flipkart Fulfilment: Centres offered at low costs to store products along with quality check, packaging and quick delivery


Flipkart is a business-friendly platform helping every e-commerce store maximise its sales through a range of solutions. More importantly, the process of setting up your shop on the platform is fairly simple and quick.

Expanding your presence on the internet is inevitable to capture more and more audiences and Flipkart with its popularity and reputation can help your business achieve these goals.

An e-commerce business should also reach its audience through a well-designed website/app. Users are keen to know more about the brand and may prefer buying directly from the website based on how seamless their experience is.

Moreover, accepting payments and enabling transactions on the website is fairly simple if you use the right payment gateway. Paytm Payment Gateway for instance, is preferred by hundreds of startups and enterprises across India as their payment solution. 

With its industry-best success rates and an advanced tech infrastructure Paytm Payment Gateway can ensure hassle-free payments and a smooth checkout experience on your e-commerce store.


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