Six Freelance Jobs for Freshers

Ever since Covid-19 struck India, companies have been laying off their employees left, right, and centre. According to CMIE, the unemployment rate in urban India rose to 9.22% in April this year, from 8.28% a month earlier.

If you are one of those people who lost their job and are looking for a source of income, we have compiled a list of top six freelance jobs that pay well and can be easily done right from your home.

Six online jobs for freshers and freelancers

Ever since freelance jobs have changed the landscape of jobs around the world, one can earn a good monthly income from the comfort of their home.

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There are a number of freelance projects out there that can help you earn money from home. However, you should know where and what to look for. That is why we have compiled a list of easy to do online jobs that can help you earn a side income.

Let’s find out what these high demand freelance jobs are and where to find them.

1. Online tasks

Since remote work has now become a norm there are plenty of freelancing websites that list out simple tasks that you can do online. These freelance jobs are a perfect income source as they don’t require you to have any specific skills.

All you need is a good Internet connection, find the job that you think you can do, and you can start working and earning from home. Since these are online jobs, there is no geographical limit, which means you can find jobs from anywhere in the world and stand the chance to get paid in foreign currency.

Here is a list of freelance jobs that you can do:

  • Testing mobile apps: A number of tech companies need people who can download their apps and test it for any bugs or abnormalities. You will have to download these apps, use it for a week or so, and write a detailed report on how it worked.
  • Social media moderator: A lot of big social media channels host online events and invite guests to leave comments and questions live in the comment box. Since the number of attendees are usually big, these channels hire freelancers to tackle those questions and assist them. Such social media moderator jobs are new and can help you earn good money for a few hours’ job.
  • Taking surveys: When companies do their market research they look for people who can take surveys and are ready to pay them for that. Freelance websites are full of job requirements from companies looking for people who can take surveys.
  • Online customer support: In the last decade or so customer support service has migrated from phone to online. You can bank on such freelance job postings that require you to work a few hours everyday to help customers with troubleshooting over chat or email. You need to have a detailed understanding of the client’s products and how to solve the most common issues customers face.

There is a caveat that comes with such job listings: there might be scamsters waiting to dupe you. Beware of job posts that offer more money compared to other similar job postings. They are scamsters baiting you with high remuneration. If they are asking for your sensitive bank account information, block all chains of communication from them.

2. Writing jobs

Writers are in high demand among companies around the world. Companies are always looking for someone who can research on specific topics and write engaging content.

If you think you can write content these jobs are for you to take. While payment might differ from one job posting to another, you can be picky as there are abundant content writing gigs to choose from.

Payment for such freelance writing depends on factors such as:

  • Length of the article
  • Deadline given by the client
  • Repertoire of the freelancer
  • Amount of background work required

3. Translation

In this age of globalisation, freelance jobs that require translation of written text from one language to another are in abundance. If you have the proficiency to read and write more than one language, you have an advantage over other freelancers as such a job is limited for multilingual people.

Freelance job opportunities for translation range from authors and publishers wanting to publish books in a different language, to companies looking to translate documents and reports for readers and employees sitting in another country.

A lot of these translation jobs are listed on freelance websites such as:


When you make your account on these platforms make sure you mention the languages you know. This will help these freelancing websites to match you with the right translation job.

4. Data entry

This is one of the simplest freelance jobs out there. Although a large number of data entry jobs are now automated, there are still enough such online jobs that you can take up to earn money from home.

This online job is largely for freshers who are looking to earn a quick income while they look for a proper job.

All that you will need is a computer with internet connection, a knack for spotting errors, and know how to type fast. Data entry jobs can be found on any of the freelancing websites.

Most of the clients will give you all the information, which you have to digitise in an Excel sheet.

5. Transcription

If you can type fast, have a good command over the English language, and can understand different accents, you can take up freelancing jobs of transcribing audio.

A lot of companies require people who can quickly convert audio recordings from a meeting or an event into text. Apart from companies, podcast creators, edtech platforms, and production houses are constantly looking for freelancers who can transcribe the audio.

As a transcriber, you should check with the client about the length of the audio file, number of speakers, and their accents. These factors will ascertain the freelancing fees.

6. Virtual assistant

This gig is for you if you are detail oriented, like organising things, and have a good communication skill.

Believe it or not, a number of entrepreneurs who have just started their business look for assistants who can virtually help them with sundry administrative work like setting up meetings with clients, managing calls, keeping an eye on social media accounts, and booking travel tickets.

The freelance job of a virtual assistant entails that you have a working knowledge of MS Office as you would be expected to make business related documents including powerpoint presentation and excel sheets.


There are a plethora of online jobs that you can do from home. But very few resources are available that help online job seekers like you understand what each and every freelance job entails.

If you are interested in earning working from home the above mentioned freelance jobs are perfect for you. They don’t require a lot of skill sets and have a high number of demand in the freelancing world.


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