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My payment gateway account is Upgraded, but my customers are not able to make payments through Credit Card & Debit Card. What do I do to make them enabled?

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There are some Mandatory Parameters** required to be updated on your website/app in order to activate those options, as our partner banks would not approve those instruments on your website without these sections. There might be some of the sections missing on your domain, due to which those options are not visible to your customers.

1. About us**
2. Contact Us** (Business Name, Address, Contact numbers, Email Ids)
3. Privacy Policy**
4. Terms & Conditions**
5. Return, Refund, & Cancellation Policy**
Once you have updated the above missing information, you can write back to this email <> along with your registered mobile number and we will restart your application review for enabling the Credit & Debit card options. 

If you are an existing Paytm for Business customer, call us on
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