Five Benefits of Using Paytm for Business App

Over the years, online purchases or other online activities have slowly shifted from desktop/laptop to mobile applications. In today’s time, almost every business or person uses mobile applications for various functions.

However, it is seen that this is more true for B2C companies than B2B. While the apps of B2C brands are more convenient than their website, B2B apps are just there for the sake of it. These apps, in most cases, don’t really add any value or even mirror the functionality of their respective websites.

If you did not know this already, you can download and use Paytm for Business app for almost all the activities that you can do using the website.

Five advantages of using Paytm for Business app

Paytm for Business app can be used for multiple objectives. It is convenient and handy compared to using the website on your computer.

Let’s see specifically what are the advantages of Paytm for Business app:

  • Easy tracking

As a merchant, you must be accepting hundreds of payments every day from customers. What do you do when you have to track payments or a particular payment? You can login to your Paytm for Business account from your desktop or mobile app and check whether you have received the money.

With Paytm for Business app, you can drastically reduce the time you spend on this process. Since you have to create a merchant account after downloading the app, you are always logged in to your account via the app. You don’t need to worry about logging in every time you want to check something like you do to access your account on the desktop.

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You can simply open the app on your phone and check everything related to payments from the “Payments” tab.

The app allows you to sort your search based on the date as well. You can enter a date range and find out the details of payments you received.

In addition to this, you can also download payment statements from the app onto your phone to easily access them later.

  • Process settlement

One of the biggest worries you as a merchant often face is a liquidity crunch. While Paytm Payment Gateway has the fastest settlement time period, which is T+1 business days, you might face issues if you are travelling and don’t have access to your laptop to process settlement transactions.

If you wish to manually transfer funds to your bank account from the merchant account, Paytm for Business app is your best friend. It is quite nifty in case you don’t have access to your laptop.

You can use the app at any time and from anywhere. Just open the Paytm for Business app and go to the “Settlements” tab. Select the date range to find the payments received in your merchant account. Choose “Transfer to bank” and on the next page, you can either transfer the whole amount or enter a custom amount to be transferred.

  • Create Paytm Payment Links

If you are looking for an oversimplified method to collect payments, you can’t get any tool simpler than Paytm Payment Links. It is simple to create, quick to share, and easy for customers to pay.

Paytm Payment Links are truly the easiest way to send payment reminders and at the same time collect money from customers. It hits two birds with one stone.

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Now, if you are still accessing the Paytm dashboard from your desktop, you are not doing it right. The real convenience of creating and sharing Paytm Payment Links is leveraging the Paytm for Business app for the whole process.

Using the app to create customised payment links makes the whole process easier as sharing these links with customers becomes very simple, just a one-step process.

  • Process refunds on the go

Paytm Payment Gateway has one of the most effective and agile refund processes in the industry. As a merchant, it’s in your best interest to refund the money to your customers as soon as possible. This will instil trust in your customers. And since they know that your return policy is transparent and refunds come in quickly, it gives them the incentive to shop from your website next time.

How quickly you can process and credit the money back into the customer’s account can determine whether the customer is going to shop from you or not

With Paytm Payment Gateway, you can start issuing refunds within minutes. You can either do this from the website by going to your dashboard or use Paytm for Business app.

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Since time is of the essence, Paytm for Business app is the quickest way to get this started.

Once your customers have placed the return order and you have checked the veracity of the request, you can go to the app and start the process with just a few taps.

The refund request has to be started by either you or the customer. If you are starting the refund process, you can use the app to see whether the customer has a Paytm Wallet linked to your store. If that’s the case, you can instantly refund the money.

If it’s done using cards, Paytm will run verification checks in the background after you start the process. Once everything checks out, you can refund the money in the customer’s source account from the app itself.

  • Order QR Codes 

The Paytm for Business app is your friend even if you operate physical stores. As a merchant who owns retail stores, you can use all the features mentioned above. Sitting in a store, chances are you will have better access to your phone than a computer. That is why it becomes even more important for you to use the mobile app instead of the desktop website.

In addition to the features mentioned above, you can use the Paytm for Business app if you need to order QR codes for your new retail shop. You can also activate your QR code right from the app.

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Step 1: Open the app and tap the “Order QR” button.

Step 2: Next page will show two options – Order New QR Code and Activate Your QR Code.

Step 3: Depending on your requirement, you can choose either. If you choose to order the QR code, you will have to pay and wait for the delivery.

Step 4: Once you receive your QR code, follow the steps from 1 to 2 and tap on Activate Your QR Code.

Step 5: You will be prompted to scan the QR code that you have received.

Step 6: Once it’s done you will be welcomed by a screen that says QR code linked with your account.

You are ready to use the QR code and accept money from customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there any difference between Paytm for Business website and app?

Answer: You can do almost everything from the Paytm for Business app that is possible from the website. The mobile application makes the steps a little easier and is quickly accessible.

Question: From where can one download the latest version of Paytm for Business app?

Answer: You can download the latest version of Paytm for Business app from Google Play Store for Android handsets and from Apple Store for iPhone users.

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