How to Collect Online Payments Without a Website

Collect Payments Without Website

In 2021, 42 Indian startups entered the unicorn club and 15 were debutant IPOs. Let’s admit it. Rapid digital transformation and adoption of technology during the lockdown have resulted in unprecedented growth.

Moreover, the lockdown has made people much more comfortable with digital solutions. In India, too, the inclination toward digital solutions gained momentum during the lockdown.

As per the NPCI, India witnessed 2 billion monthly UPI transactions in October 2020. The number crossed a whopping 5 billion in March 2022.


We, as a nation, are witnessing a massive increase in the adoption of online and digital technology. Even small businesses that primarily started in the offline space are now embracing the online route to expand their customer base. In fact, during the pandemic, many aspiring entrepreneurs converted their hobbies into online businesses.


‘My offline business is doing great. I want to leverage the online space to accelerate growth.’

‘I have a great business idea, but I cannot afford to invest my time and resources into building a website just for accepting payments.’

These are some of the most common yet logical questions that small business owners have nowadays.

Challenges small businesses face today

To summarize, small businesses face the following challenges:

  • Changed consumer behavior and increased demand for home delivery/ contactless payments through multiple payment options post-pandemic
  • Need for a website/mobile app for accepting online payments
  • Cash handling and transit risk involved in collecting payments through traditional methods like cash on delivery
  • Reconciling payments across banks, wallets, etc., as well as tracking the refunds, product returns, discounts, incorrect billing, and cleared balance
  • Investing money into hiring tech resources or outsourcing to a web developer
  • Lack of digital marketing skills or tech-savviness

Small business owners are usually not tech-savvy and are only familiar with primary communication channels like direct messaging apps such as WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

People are keen to open up their businesses and then expand them. But, in today’s digital age, accepting payments online has become a necessity.

Many small businesses don’t start straight away with an official website. However, small business owners believe that, for accepting online payments, they need an official website.

Moreover, they need a solution that lets them conveniently accept digital payments through primary communication channels.

So, their legit question should be,

‘How can I accept online payments from customers without a website?’

‘How can I offer customers to pay using their preferred online payment sources?’

‘How can I leverage primary communication channels to accept online payments?’

What if, we told you, that you can:

  • run an online business without a website/app or any coding with a payment link,
  • collect payments without website via 100+ payment sources,
  • while leveraging primary communication channels, and
  • track payments without putting any manual effort into reconciliations?

Yes, with Paytm Payments Links, you can do all this while spoiling your customers with payment choices like:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • UPI
  • Netbanking
  • Paytm Wallet
  • Paytm Postpaid, and more

All this without a website simply by sharing payment links with your customers over WhatsApp, SMS, Email, etc.

Paytm Payment Links lets you create an online payment link that you can share with your customers in just a few clicks-no code required. Lakhs of businesses across India use Paytm Payment Links to sell their products and services.

We have perfected our payment links solution by adding support for the following features, which are highly useful for small and medium businesses:

  • Bulk payment links
  • Partial payments
  • Payment reminders
  • 1-click refunds
  • Advanced payment analytics

For a big/enterprise business, our payment links solution can enable the following:

  • EMI Subvention: Enable affordability for big-ticket purchases while accepting payments via links
  • Bank Offers: Engage new and existing customers with your business while converting prospects into loyal customers
  • Third-Party Verification: Stay complaint to SEBI’s guidelines by enabling customers to pay via pre-registered bank accounts only
  • Programmatic Payment Links: Create payment links directly from your ERP or platform via payment link API

You can collect payments without website on the go by using Paytm Payment Links in 3 easy steps:

You can use Paytm Payment Links to sell your products and services, or use it for collecting fees, commissions, loan repayments for customers, or donations from the Paytm Dashboard. Moreover, you can customize by adding your logo and colors in your payment links to match your brand.

All you need to do is, sign up to get on board with us.

Once you have created the payment link, you can paste or embed the link anywhere you want. You can also share the payment link with many customers across multiple channels such as SMS, Email, WhatsApp, or any other chat platform.

Step 3 – Customer makes the payment

Post receiving the online payment link, the customer makes the payment using their preferred payment source. You can use the Paytm Dashboard to be notified of all successful customer payments and have the funds deposited into your bank account.

You can also download reports and initiate refunds from the dashboard in just a few clicks.

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Having a giant customer base is a blessing. Creating online payment links for them should not be a pain. With Paytm Payment Links, you can generate 100s of payment links in one go.

You only need to upload an excel file containing the customer details and amount. And your 100 payment links are ready in one go.

Partial payments

Let’s say your customer is making a big ticket-size purchase, and you want to give them the flexibility to make the payment in parts. Does that work?

Yes, Paytm Payment Links has got you covered!

With our solution, your customer would not have to worry about making big-ticket payments all at once. You can offer them to pay an amount as an upfront token amount or an advance payment.

Our solution notifies your customer about all the payments made against an order via mail and SMS. Notifications include whether partial payments are enabled for links or not, the amount paid, the due amount on the link, and more, if applicable.

With Paytm Payment Links, you can enable customers to make multiple partial payments against orders via a single payment link.

On the other hand, businesses can learn about the payment status and additional information through Paytm Dashboard.

You can enable partial payments on online payment links through the Paytm Dashboard.

Payment reminders

Isn’t asking for payments repeatedly tiring? With Paytm Payment Links, you can send your customers automated SMS and email reminders for making payments via your payment links using the Paytm Dashboard. By setting reminders on payment links, you can:

  • Increase the number of paid payment links.
  • Reduce the cost and manual effort required for collecting customer payments.
  • Significantly lower the number of days taken by customers for making payments.

1-click refunds

You can initiate refunds to your customers with a single click with Paytm Payment Links.

So when a customer initiates a refund request, it is sent to the Paytm Dashboard and the refunds are processed instantly by our system. The customer receives the refund on their original payment source in real-time.

It can help you provide a better user experience for your customers while enhancing their trust in your business.

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Advanced payment analytics

With Paytm, you get access to data you never had, which you can turn into profits for your business. Something that is usually available only to big companies. Our Payment Analytics solution lets you uncover various in-depth insights about your business to help you drive great results.

We offer the following distinct services under Payment Analytics:

  • Payment Source Analytics:
      • Get insights related to how different payment instruments perform
      • Study success rate trends using filters for card networks, issuers, and banks
      • Find payment failure reasons for various banks/networks and utilize success rate improvement recommendations to enhance customer experience
  • Customer Analytics:
      • Get an overview of new, repeat, and lost customers to determine the churn for any specific period
      • Get access to ready-made reports that save your time in deciding the required marketing/operational push
      • Get a segmented view of your customers through the Recency-Frequency-Monetary (RFM) analysis
      • Utilize customers’ data to run targeted marketing campaigns on identified customer segments that yield results
  • Payment Flow Analytics:
    • Check and correct tech-related imperfections that are impacting the success rates
    • Study the details of success rate fluctuations at the platform level (Android, iOS, etc.)
    • Get insights into the most popular devices used by customers in terms of revenue contribution and success rate performance

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Here are the top 5 reasons why businesses trust Paytm Payment Links for accepting payments from their customers:

  • Instant Activation
  • Increase profits with 0% MDR on UPI & Rupay
  • T+1 Settlement including Bank Holidays & Weekends
  • Industry best success rates
  • Bank-Grade security with fraud prevention technology

On a concluding note

Paytm Payment Links is an excellent solution for almost every business, including:

  • BFSI, NBC & lending Companies for collecting loan/EMI repayments
  • Wholesalers and distributors for collecting payments from retailers, vendors, etc.
  • Education businesses for collecting fees from students using bulk payment links
  • Retail merchants for converting COD orders into prepaid orders
  • IT services providers for collecting advance token amounts or final payments at the time of project completion
  • Freelancers, chartered accountants, HR professionals, lawyers, artists, etc., for delighting their clients by offering the choice of 100+ payment methods without a website/app or any coding
  • Direct to customer & social media businesses for sending payment links directly on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook messenger. Also, for tracking all the payments & refunds on a single platform
  • eCommerce businesses for reducing RTO on COD orders & target customers who have abandoned their carts
  • Utility service businesses for reducing missed payments from customers by sending payment links in advance & enabling automatic payment reminders
  • Logistics businesses for ensuring the delivery in the first attempt even if the receiver isn’t available. Also, for converting COD orders to paid orders just by sending a payment link
  • Online Medicine & Healthtechs for offering patients online consultations, home delivery of medicines, and blood sample collections from home with hassle-free digital payments

Paytm Payment Links is trusted by lakhs of businesses across India, including prominent names like Uber, Hindustan Times, Adani, Nobroker, L&T Financial Services, Bajaj Finserv, and more.

So, wait no more! Collect payments without website in less than 5 minutes.


Get Paytm Payment Links today!

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