How Paytm Payment Links Will Make You a Freelancing Ninja


Ever since the freelance industry has gone mainstream, more and more people are warming up to the idea of working on their own terms, doing things they are passionate about, and being their own boss.

The growth of India’s freelancers market is the second-fastest in the world. There was a 46 percent rise in freelancers between the first and second quarters of 2020.

However, freelance work has its pitfalls and it’s easier said than done. While there are various struggles of a freelancer, one common issue that all freelancers all over the world face is with payments.

Three payment woes freelancers face

  • Late payments

The late payment issue is so rampant in the freelance business that it has become a running joke in the freelance community.

While the reason for late payments can largely be pinned on clients, there are times when freelancers are also at fault as they are not fully prepared.

Very often a client is not able to pay on time because freelancers provide them with limited payment modes. Every company has its own payment mode which they prefer and if freelancers are unable to accept money using that mode, the whole process gets delayed.

For instance, a client who clears all payments through UPI may find it challenging to pay if a freelancer only accepts payments through net banking. This rigidity can thus cause delays in the payment clearance process.

Other clients may need constant reminders to clear their payments. Keeping updated records of payments and offering multiple payment options can help solve this issue.

  • Payment reconciliation

It is common among freelancers to work with multiple clients to ensure there is a steady stream of income. However, it also means that they have to constantly track each and every payment.

The problem gets even bigger since payment reconciliation takes time in case clients transfer the money on a holiday or weekend via RTGS/NEFT.

In some cases, online transfers might fail as clients have to type the bank details, which very often results in a manual error causing payment failure. Or worse, money getting transferred to someone else’s account.

  • Limited payment options

In addition to these problems, freelancers have to worry about the payment preferences of their clients. Some clients might want to pay via credit or debit card, while others would prefer netbanking, or even UPI.

Freelancers will have to create a mechanism to accept payments from any and all of the payment methods, which is not simple. Even if freelancers do come with an agreement with their clients to use just one payment method, tracking the payment status is another pain.

With Paytm Payment Links we have simplified every aspect of accepting payments for freelancers. The product is made in such a way that freelancers don’t need to invest in building their own website, app, or have any understanding of coding to receive money.

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One can simply accept payments by creating and sharing the payment link with their clients. The receiver can transfer the money via any preferred payment method of their choice directly using the Paytm Payment Links.

Freelancers can create Paytm Payment Links via our dashboard or Paytm Business App. It is one of the easiest tools to send and receive money.

Step-by-step guide to creating Paytm Payment Links

  • Log in to the Paytm business account: To login to Paytm’s business account freelancers need to enter their registered mobile number with Paytm. Alternatively, they can also scan the QR code from the Paytm app.
  • Click on Paytm Links: One can find the Paytm Links option under the tab named Accept Payment.
  • Punch in the payment information: Fill in the payment details such as amount, the purpose of payment, etc. Once all the information is entered, click on Create Payment Link.
  • Share: Now that the payment link is created, all that freelancers need to do is share it with their clients via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Paytm Payment Links comes packed with features that are specifically useful for freelancers. It’s versatile, flexible, and dynamic. Just like a freelancer.

Here are the top five features of Paytm Payment Links:

  • All payment options: Very often freelancers’ payments are delayed because of the lack of payment options. Paytm Payment Links allows freelancers to accept money using all the payment options such as debit and credit card, net banking, UPI, and Paytm wallet.
  • One-click payment: Clients can pay freelancers by just clicking on the Paytm Payment Links. They simply have to choose the payment option and transfer the money. There is no need for them to enter the bank details of the freelancer.
  • Acts as an invoice: Freelancers can use the Paytm dashboard to create and share detailed invoices with their clients. The invoices will let the clients know what they are being billed for. They can also download the invoice for accounting purposes.
  • Easy reminders: While creating Paytm Payment Links freelancers can create reminders to be sent if the payment is not made by a certain date. They can customise these reminders with personalised messages, payment due dates, etc. Once this is set, the reminders are automatically sent at the interval set by the freelancer if the payment is not made.
  • Collect partial payment: Freelancers very often broker deals with clients that include partial payment for the work to be paid in advance. For such scenarios, they can create Paytm Payment Links for the partial amount. They can use the reminder feature for the payment of the remaining amount once the work is done.
  • Bulk payment links: Since freelancers work with more than one client at once, it makes sense to have an option of sending a payment link to them all at once. Sending individual payment links is time-consuming and unnecessarily inconvenient. Our Bulk Payment Links is an anti-dote to this. Freelancers can create up to 100 bulk links on Paytm dashboard.

Six reasons why Paytm Payment Links are better than other solutions

  • Instant activation
  • Only payment links in the industry to offer direct settlement into the bank account based on KYC completion
  • Industry best success rate
  • Payment settlement in T+1 days including bank holidays and weekends
  • Upto 50 percent cheaper than other payment link solutions. Zero percent MDR on UPI & Rupay cards
  • Bank-grade security aided with fraud prevention technology
  • Credit-led payment options like Paytm Postpaid and EMI to customers with no debt risk to the business


Freelancing is not for the faint-hearted and requires a lot of grit and determination. Freelancers don’t need to live with the payment challenges, especially when there are already so many other hiccups to deal with daily.

Start using Paytm Payment Links to ease the freelancing journey.


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