Collect Recurring Payments Automatically with Paytm Subscriptions


If your business requires you to collect recurring payments from your customers at a predefined time interval, then Paytm Payment Gateway’s Subscriptions product is what you need.

Paytm Payment Gateway’s Subscriptions product allows you to collect recurring payments from your customers for services consumed by them. It supports payment collection for a fixed as well as a variable amount and also supports any business model that you may be working with like:-


  • Content Companies – Collecting monthly/yearly subscription charges for online entertainment companies/apps like Hotstar,
  • EduTech companies – Collecting the monthly or annual subscription fees or a course-based fee from the customers.
  • BFSI companies – Banking related services like loan payments. Financial services like lending money and Insurance payment collections.
  • Bill Payment/Recharges – Any services requiring monthly recharges/bill payments.

With Paytm subscription, you can make it easier for your customers to make recurring payments and for you to collect the payments. You can also offer a unique and personalized customer experience with various subscription checkout options available. For example, the QR code checkout solution can help your customers to directly scan and complete the subscription set up without much hassle. The custom subscription solution provides you with the freedom to customize the overall subscription checkout page as per your business or marketing needs.

Paytm offers a variety of features that make it such a seamless platform. For example, retrials in case of payment failures, intelligent routing to make sure your payments always go through the best performing payment gateway. Moreover, easy payment integrations and its overall adaptability in the market make Paytm Payment Gateway an exhaustive service provider.

But other than the features mentioned above, the business models are made seamless by Paytm Subscriptions as it helps you provide:

  • Free trials for your customers to start collecting the automated payments from a later date.
  • A one-time subscription fee before starting a fixed amount of recurring payments.
  • Fixed as well as variable charges based on the usage of your customers

Paytm Payment Gateway’s subscriptions product can help you provide the option of a fixed amount pay at first and then set up a fixed, as well as the variable fee based on the usage. It can expand your business reach to the customers who just want to try the platform and not pay for a full length. The variable cost can help retain a customer longer as they only need to pay according to their usage. Moreover, via the Subscription product, you can collect recurring payments from your customers via their preferred payment method. Subscription offers all payment collection instruments like UPI, debit/credit card, and Paytm Wallet. All banks are supported via NPCI’s NACH.

Subscription product can integrate the recurring payment model for your customers quickly and let Paytm manage the collections. It allows you to focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to their efficient and time-saving tool.

Paytm Payment Gateway’s subscription is already being used by 100+ websites and apps for collecting recurring payments automatically.

More than 30 million subscriptions have already been created on the subscription platform.

So, what are you waiting for? Start accepting recurring payments today. Click here to know more.

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