JS checkout: For lightning fast integration and seamless checkout

2020 has been a year that can best be described as a rollercoaster ride, with one crisis after another. The result has been all the doomsday theories about the future that we have all heard and indulged in. On the other hand, there have been some very interesting trends that have emerged from everything that has happened so far. One of the biggest future trends reported in the Times of India recently was that Ecommerce Merchants can expect to see a 50% jump in gross sales, and 70% increase in digital buyers, of whom 50% are expected to be from Tier-II cities across India, during the upcoming festive season.

Customer experience is foremost for Merchants and Paytm

The recent events across the globe have forced almost all merchants to consider going online, or at least ensuring that they have the option of digital payments using online payment gateways, at the checkout inside their stores. One of the consistent asks we have received from existing merchants or those considering new options is that they want to have more flexibility to provide a seamless shopping or brand experience to their customers. Upon deeper research, we found that their ask holds a lot of merit because customers do not like the jarring experience of being redirected to the payment gateway page at the time of checkout.

“I always worry about whether this redirection is by-design and secure like it says, or whether my session just got hijacked,” said a working single mom, who admits to buying everything online, and paying all bills digitally. Based on what we were hearing from merchants and their customers Paytm decided to find out what other things may be in the merchants’ wish list (pun intended). Armed with the results of our findings, the innovation team at Paytm started working on creating the best payment gateway to answer the requests from Merchants and their customers. Called the JS checkout solution, it is available right now to help address the festive season volumes.

JS Checkout is designed to take less time to integrate with Merchant Platforms 

One of the biggest challenge’s merchants have listed is the time it takes for payment gateway integrations to happen. The way merchants want things is for the integration to take place in the least possible time which translates to minimal disruption to sales. The JS checkout solution has a simple 2-step integration process that is so easy that small and mid-sized merchants who do not have a large tech team will find perfect for their business. Once the merchant has contacted Paytm with their request the development team will generate a short, almost tiny code, that needs to be integrated on the merchant’s platform, and they should be ready to go within 2 hours. There’s a reason why the Paytm payment gateway is the preferred choice and with JS checkout Paytm has converted payment gateway integration into an almost plug-and-play type of solution.

JS Checkout allows extensive customization for Merchants

The second biggest challenge the merchants presented was to give them the flexibility to make the payment page look and feel like an extension of their own website so that customers don’t experience the anxieties associated with being redirected from the site they trust. Paytm rose to this challenge and took the necessary steps with JS checkout, so that merchants can customise things like the header colour, the pay button colour, and the font colour to match the colours of their platform. With the JS checkout, the merchant gets access to their own admin panel from which they can change these colours as often as they want. On top of that, the merchant also has the flexibility to re-order the payment modes listed on the page based on their customer preferences. And the best thing is, there is no need for re-integration. Once JS checkout is integrated the first time, these changes can happen from the admin panel smoothly.

Strong & sturdy, JS Checkout is loaded with features Merchants will love

The JS checkout has been designed to be a sturdy payment gateway that can withstand the load of up to 3 Lac transactions per day and is already receiving great response from merchants, from multiple categories like hyper-local delivery, EdTech and donations. The JS checkout also allows enhanced features like Merchant Gift Vouchers, EMI options, and PCF support. And it doesn’t end there either because there are more features being added shortly such as subscription support for repeat payment set-up, App-invoke functionality so customers don’t have to trigger an OTP login every time, and the all-in-one QR on cashier screen so that on-site contactless payment requirements can also be addressed by this payment gateway.

The Paytm Payment Gateway JS Checkout solution is perfect for merchants of all sizes, categories, and is expected to create enhanced brand loyalty from customers towards the merchant. As far as game-changers go, the JS checkout meets all requirements and can make all the difference in 2020 and beyond.

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