Let Customers Make Payments in Easy Installments with Paytm All-In-One EMI Subvention


EMI options are the best way to attract more customers for businesses such as retail and e-commerce. It allows customers to purchase high-value products and services in easy monthly installments. Because of its cost-effectiveness and popularity, EMI as a payment source is used extensively for electronics products, furniture, mobile phones, and similar purchases.

Nowadays, EMI has become the most preferred payment method for businesses to attract customers and increase sales. For instance, smartphone sales in India have increased drastically due to EMI schemes and discounts. EMI as a payment method is the need of the hour and is no longer an option for modern businesses.

To meet the increasing demand of merchants for effective EMI options, Paytm has come up with the EMI Subvention solution supported on the custom checkout flow of the Paytm-All-In-One Payment Gateway. If you run an online shop or retail store, then you need to read this blog to know how offering EMI options can be useful for your business.

What is Paytm All-In-One EMI subvention?

EMI Subvention is an All-in-One EMI Solution that allows merchants to offer customers the best suitable EMI options that work well for their business needs. Now online merchants can collect payments in easy installments on their platform at zero or low-cost interest rates.

Companies with big-ticket products can benefit immensely from this EMI Subvention solution while offering a flexible way to pay. For example, if a customer wants to buy a smartphone worth Rs. 30000/-, a merchant can allow the customer to pay Rs. 5000/- for six months using the EMI subvention solution by Paytm All-in-One Payments.

How does Paytm All-In-One EMI subvention solution work?

By using the Paytm All-in-One EMI Subvention solution on your business website or app, you can give customers the freedom to pay more conveniently without the burden of paying the entire amount in one go. Now customers can pay in easy installments and at a much affordable cost.

Merchants can devise several EMI schemes to offer zero cost EMI payment solutions. Besides, they can specify the amount range for which zero cost EMI is applicable. Paytm All-in-One EMI Subvention solution also helps merchants to explain to their customers the different reward types they are offering, such as discounts or cashback.

Key benefits of using Paytm All-in-One EMI subvention for your business

Today, major online retailers are leveraging the benefit of EMI options to enjoy increased sales and reach more customers. You can also scale your business by integrating the Paytm All-In-One EMI subvention solution for your online store. Here are a few core advantages of using this All-in-One EMI Solution:

  • Increased sales: Merchants can achieve outstanding sales figures with the integration of Paytm All-in-One EMI Subvention solution on their platform. Easy to integrate and customer-friendly, it enables online businesses to provide the best appropriate EMI schemes to customers for high-value purchases.
  • Excellent customer experience: Integrating Paytm EMI Subvention solution on their platform, businesses allow customers to choose the EMI as a payment source at the checkout page. Here customers can also see the list of banks offering EMI options along with the type of EMI such as Standard and Subvention. Once the customer selects a bank, he/she can choose between different EMI plans. With all such aspects of the Paytm EMI solution, merchants can greatly improve the payment experience while enabling customers to make better purchase decisions.
  • More happy customers: Now you can retain customers who leave due to high ticket size. By enabling the Paytm All-in-One EMI Subvention solution on your website or app, you can win more customers in a limited time. With EMI payment methods, they can pay in easy installments for the product or service they want to buy. Also, you can penetrate newer segments of customers using the EMI Subvention solution by Paytm.

In conclusion

Paytm EMI Subvention solution is a winning way for most businesses, big or small. With the right EMI options in place, merchants not only expand their business but run it more efficiently under different circumstances. During these times, when people are under financial stress and do not want to shell out all their savings to buy things they need, affordable EMI options can do wonders for merchants that are struggling to improve sales or attract customers.

To help business owners meet their sales goals, Paytm’s best-in-class EMI Subvention Solution can be instrumental. With Paytm EMI subvention, you do not need to associate with any bank, Paytm will handle all this. So, get started with Paytm All-in-One Payment Gateway and integrate our EMI Subvention solution today!

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