Paytm All-in-One QR – India’s Most Rewarding QR!

The entire world has been affected by COVID 19 and the only way to stay safe is by practising social distancing and staying away from contaminated surfaces.

Therefore, we urge all our business partners to say goodbye to cash payments and go completely digital & contactless in their business with Paytm All-in-One QR. The Paytm All-in-One QR is the only QR that accepts payments from Paytm wallet, all UPI apps and RuPay cards.

Know more about All-in-One QR by watching this video:

What are the benefits of Paytm All-in-One QR?

  • No limits on accepting Payments: Merchants can accept unlimited payments with All-in-One QR.
  • One stop solution: Merchants don’t need to have multiple QRs at their counter as Paytm’s All-in-One QR is sufficient for accepting payments from all UPI apps, RuPay cards and Paytm wallet. This would simplify the business for them.
  • Easy tracking and reconciliation: All-in-One QR allows the merchants to track all their transactions through Paytm for Business app.
  • Instant Bank settlement: With All-in-One QR, merchants can enjoy instant bank settlements, which allows them to transfer money to their bank account at any point in time.

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All-in-One QR Accessories:
Paytm now brings to you its very own merchandise store wherein you can find all sorts of accessories and utility items. Get your very own personalised All-in-One QR merchandise and accept payments in style.
Choose amongst a variety of options such as digital clocks, calculators, pen stands, etc and take your payment acceptance game up one notch.

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