Find the Right Audience for Your Brand with Paytm Insider & Paytm Ads

Paytm Ads & Paytm Insider

Digital events are booming as the world continues to deal with the ‘remote working’ situation. An Event Outlook Report suggests 93% of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events moving forward, even if they can hold physical ones.

So whether you’re planning a conference or a concert, there’s an upside to hosting it online. Now, that sounds interesting and all – but how does it happen? Let Paytm Insider and Paytm Ads take care of it for you.

The Ultimate Collaboration

2021 looks promising for the events sector. Imagine the relief of not having to worry about the deliverables of marketing an event to your consumers while availing all the benefits that it can provide?

That’s ideal, right? Well, then it’s time for you to make fair use of this collaboration. With the ability to laser-target the ideal TG, using the Geographic, Demographic and Transactional data, Paytm Ads is a must-have in your marketing media mix.

Paytm Ads is here to transform the way you reach out to your perfect audience! With deterministic user data, Paytm Ads helps form the ideal segmentation mix and custom cohorts.

This targeting necessitates leveraging Paytm Ads and Paytm Insider’s enormous consumer and valuable base, to build digital events and boost your business. All this, while getting a comprehensive solution for your brand.

The Nitty Gritties

As part of this collaboration – Paytm Ads provides your brand with Insight, Reach, Brand PoS, and Utility – while Paytm Insider recognizes and delivers brand personifications via owned or sponsored associations.

Thus, with this collaboration in place, you can be sure to deliver the perfect blend of reach and brand-led engagement by building shared experiences between brands, artists, and their fans.

Get To Know More About Paytm Insider

Paytm Insider is India’s leading event ticketing platform, and with massive triumphs in 2020, it has now emerged as a pioneer in the digital events & experiences space.

Take a look at some numbers from events hosted under popular categories:

  • Music

65000+ fans joined the launch of our latest interactive streaming platform for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender with 200K+ chat messages and over 1000 hours of video calling.

The new platform also provided interactive features such as bar games, photo booths, video frames, and sponsored integrations. Be it Sidhu Moosewala or Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, you’ll see them all performing here.

Some of the big acts we’ve seen in the past year include Ritviz, Anish Sood, Nucleya, Ricky Kej. Coming to the online music series, Jim Beam Originals – we’ve had The Colonial Cousins, Shaan, Benny Dayal, Karsh Kale, Clinton Cerejo & Bianca Gomes from Shor Police, and Purbayan Chatterjee.

  • Comedy

Paytm Insider has launched over 2000 comedy events and featured the most prominent names, including Tanmay Bhat, Zakir Khan, Kusha Kapila, and more across the digital space.

It also launched ‘The Circuit #SitDown Comedy Festival’, India’s first digital comedy festival.

  • Workshops

In the workshop category, it has organized 5000+ online workshops across Dance, Food, Comedy, and Music with superbrands including Team Naach, Hunger Inc, Shiamak, Pooja Dhingra, Shubha Mudgal, Anuvab Pal, and more as part of the offering.

  • Theatre

The big one – Paytm Insider reimagined theatre for the virtual world – as it brought plays, performances, and experiences to homes for audiences worldwide.

Front & Centre (Paytm Insider’s online theatre initiative, where you’ll catch Indian theatre’s finest performing live), Aadyam (the Aditya Birla Group’s theatre initiative), Thespo 22, Rangashankara’s ‘Staged@RS’, are a couple of festivals that have been hosted on the platform.

  • Entertainment & Lifestyle

Taking things to the next level in 2021, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2021 clocked over 1.8 Lac minutes of watch time at their first-ever virtual edition.

In sports, we executed Budweiser FC’s Football Banter Fest which had fans tuning in from across the country with Rohan Joshi, Kumar Varun, Neville Shah, Karan Singh, and more on the panel.

Watch-alongs, sports quizzes and a signed Messi jersey to look forward to.

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Come Make The World Your Stage

Paytm Ads distinguishes the top audience that stems from actual digital transactions of users. These users interact with the Paytm App, using both online and offline payment modes!

With this collaboration, your brand will have access to reach out to a perfectly targeted set of consumers through both platforms.

Did we make you think of an event idea for your brand just now? Well, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get started!

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