Nokia 5.3 — Obtaining Maximum Reach and Engagement via Paytm Ads


While being at home during the Covid outbreak this year, there is one companion we’ve all had. From recipes for our quarantine chef to some binge-worthy content, from staying connected with family to having virtual work meetings, one thing never left our side is… our smartphone!

HMD launched a mid-segment phone in September and collaborated with Paytm Ads to reach out to the right audience and drive relevant engagement on the brand’s website. To achieve this, Paytm Ads targeted the mid-segment audience for Nokia 5.3.


HMD, also known as Home of Nokia Phones, aimed at leveraging the vast Paytm user base to obtain maximum reach as well as engagement on their own website and e-commerce store. At the same time, the teams focused on driving a high-quality audience on the website, likely to have a tendency to purchase the smartphone.

Strategy and Execution

Paytm Ads became an obvious choice for HMD to achieve their media objectives due to our ability to laser target the audience. Additionally, having access to the data of Paytm Mall and its large user base allowed the campaign to target those users intending to purchase smartphones.

A high voltage sales campaign, such as Nokia 5.3’s, also depends strongly on the kind of stringent tracking that goes behind the scenes. For this HMD, Wavemaker and Paytm’s team worked together on a daily basis for reporting, analyzing and optimizing the campaign. Once the optimization set in and the metrics were stable, they were able to help the client achieve the desired click-through rate on a consistent basis.

Paytm’s placement insights based on prior data helped select systematic placements that had the highest handset engagement.

The custom cohort created for this campaign targeted active users who have:

  • Searched/browsed for Smartphones on Paytm Mall

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