Industry Leaders Attend Paytm Ads’ Flagship Event Amplify 2023

Paytm Ads Event Amplify 2023

Paytm Ads hosted the first edition of its flagship event, Amplify 2023, in Delhi and Mumbai with top industry leaders from across BFSI, F&B, CPG, fashion, e- commerce, and auto sectors.

The event aimed at helping attendees understand how to leverage deterministic audience insights backed by  innovative ad solutions to drive their brand’s success in 2023 and beyond. It was a fantastic opportunity for participants to learn from top industry experts and gain valuable insights into digital advertising trends that will shape the future of their businesses.

4 Key Takeaways From Amplify 2023

At Paytm Ads Amplify 2023, attendees received exclusive insights into the latest marketing trends. In addition, they heard from marketers who have already seen success with their campaigns due to leveraging audience insights and advanced ad solutions.

(L-R) Praveen Sharma – COO, Commerce Services, Paytm; Shivanandan Pare, CEO, Adda52, Soumya Kant,Co-founder, Clovia; Arush Chopra, CEO & Co Founder, Just Herbs; Utsav Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer, Noise.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the event:

  • Audience segmentation: An effective marketing strategy thoroughly segments the target audience into distinct groups based on their preferences, behaviour and demographic data. Doing so will allow marketers to take a more nuanced approach by delivering tailored messages that speak directly to each unique group.
  • Audience signals: Audience signals are the digital footprints that consumers leave behind when interacting with a brand. These signals provide valuable insights into their interests, behaviours, preferences, and needs. The information gathered through audience signals can help marketers create personalised and relevant digital experiences that resonate with their customers.
  • Zigzag consumer funnel: The traditional view of the consumer funnel has been linear, with consumers starting at the awareness stage and moving through consideration, intent, and, finally, making a purchase. However, the modern consumer journey has become more complex and nonlinear, zigzagging between stages as consumers research, compare options and reviews, and engage with brands through multiple touchpoints.
    This means that brands can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all marketing approach and must understand where their target consumers are in the journey and what channels and messages will be most effective.
  • Leveraging fintech channels for digital couponing: The data-driven approach to identifying and segmenting users based on their interests and behaviours allows brands to engage with users more likely to be interested in their products or services. This has helped various brands to promote offers and digital coupons, thereby boosting customer engagement and loyalty. Fintech Apps like Paytm’s targeting capabilities have been instrumental in helping brands reach a wider audience through promoted offers and digital coupons.

Overall, the first edition of Paytm Ads Amplify was a great success! With insightful conversations about leveraging deterministic data and driving conversions using digital coupons, Paytm Ads Flagship Event – Amplify 2023 successfully provided marketers with actionable advice on leveraging these tools for their brand’s success in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How can Paytm Ads help my company?

Answer: Paytm’s advertising solutions are powered by first-party audience insights and signals that can help businesses create meaningful interactions with their target audiences. Businesses can leverage insights to drive effective campaigns across platforms in the Paytm ecosystem and across demand-side platforms (DSP).

Question 2: What does Paytm Ads do?

Answer: Paytm Ads help brands target consumers using Paytm’s predefined user cohorts or create custom cohorts that suit the brief. Paytm Ads offers a managed service to place ads on Paytm’s owned and operated inventory and integrated DSPs. Our experts work round the clock to deliver the campaign goals, so brands don’t have to worry about campaign monitoring.

To know how Paytm Ads can help your brands, write to us at

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