Programmatic Ads Get a Power Boost From First-Party Audience Insights

The changing adtech landscape comprising new data privacy norms has made brands rethink their programmatic campaigns and monetisation futures. There is a massive opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience with more efficiency through automation and authentic data sources.

It’s time for brands to think of their first-party data, other accurate sources, and alternative channels to connect with their customers. But don’t let that deter you!

When you use first-party audience insights to craft an effective strategy, you can get highly targeted ads in front of the audiences who are most likely to become your customers. 

What is First-Party Audience Insight?

In the past, marketers relied on probabilistic and contextual data from third parties, which was less accurate and often outdated. Marketers then started dropping cookies used for remarketing and relied on data purchased from data management platforms (DMPs), aggregating this from multiple platforms.

However, the new cookie-less world and the privacy norms have put a spanner in the works for such methods. 

Brands now have to start collecting their first-party data with user consent to ensure they can create powerful programmatic campaigns. Brands that have already invested in their CDP can still be insulated to some extent, but those who need to do a cold start will land up with an upheaval task of scaling up quickly or waste their marketing dollars. Furthermore, these systemic changes also pose the risk of new user acquisition without proper signals to prospect the right users. 

It is high time advertisers look for partners who can integrate rich audience insights from scaleable first-party data providers to power their media campaigns. Advertisers can use these platforms to reach relevant audiences by collaborating with different demand-side platforms (DSPs).

While DSPs offer inventory, collaboration with large consumer platforms can also help advertisers prospect users better for their growth campaigns.  

For instance, Paytm Ads is powered by Paytm’s first-party data of 350 million users. With the help of audience insights gathered from transacting users, Paytm Ads can help brands connect with their potential consumers directly over the Paytm ecosystem and the open internet through multiple DSP and programmatic publisher partnerships.

Brands can successfully run their media campaigns by leveraging audience insights derived from transactional signals instead of guesswork or contextual signals. Leveraging this insight provides more opportunities for personalisation, relevance, and transparency. Since Paytm has vast user data access, we use predictive modeling techniques to prospect the most relevant customer cohorts to target

By partnering with Paytm Ads, which has experience in leveraging intent and transaction-based insights, brands can achieve greater success in both sales and marketing goals and generate higher returns on investment (ROI).

For example, Tata Tea Premium partnered with Paytm to reach the right set of users on premium OTT platforms via programmatic video ads. Paytm Ads leveraged the transaction signals of Paytm users to market the product only to verified audiences on OTT platforms. This offering ensured maximum impact by optimizing the target audience and providing the Tata Tea Premium an opportunity to communicate via video ads. The campaign saw over 6 million views with 91% viewability and 87% VTR.

Paytm Ads’ first-party audience insights based on transactional signals are most effective because they are authentic, verified, and based on genuine user transactions. We offer a managed service across multiple DSPs to buy programmatic audiences and deliver.

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