How Brands Can Drive Sampling through Paytm Ads

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In today’s competitive beauty and wellness industry, skincare and cosmetics brands must find innovative ways to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. One effective strategy that has gained significant traction is leveraging the advanced targeting capabilities of Paytm Ads.

In this blog post, we will explore how a luxury skincare brand successfully utilised Paytm Ads to drive brand awareness and sampling, offering valuable insights for brands looking to generate new leads and build their first-party database.

Consumer Insights

Before diving into the campaign details, let us understand the consumer landscape. Customers who regularly purchase beauty and wellness products have become more discerning over the years and seek high-end skincare products that are sourced from natural ingredients.

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While they look to indulge in self-care experiences, they prioritise products that are conscious of our environment and, at the same time, are exclusive. With this knowledge, the luxury skincare brand and Paytm Ads identified the target audience as 26 to 45-year-old females with a taste for luxury and sustainability and looking for exclusive products.


  • Custom Cohort: To ensure the campaign reached the right audience, the skincare brand and Paytm Ads created a custom user cohort leveraging transactional signals from female Paytm users aged 26-45 years who exhibited a high affinity for beauty, wellness, fashion, and high-street brands. Paytm Ads further identified users who frequented offline beauty, wellness, and fashion stores.
  • Targeting: Paytm Ads leveraged the behavioural signals of the top 5% spenders on Paytm to identify potential customers who would be interested in trying new products with discount coupons. The campaign specifically targeted customers who have never bought products from the skincare brand to maximise the sampling efforts and to ensure focused reach.
  • Gamified Scratch Cards: To create an interactive sampling experience, Paytm Ads introduced gamified scratch cards. After completing a transaction on Paytm, users receive a scratch card with a unique discount code. This code could be redeemed on the brand’s website. The limited-time offer encouraged instant purchases. The website redirection enhanced top-of-funnel awareness.

Sampling Ads_Paytm Ads


  • The sampling campaign successfully enticed customers to try the brand’s products, resulting in twice the number of samples ordered compared to the baseline.
  • Paytm Ads’ accurate targeting and engaging scratch card experience led to a significant conversion rate, with 37% of engaged users proceeding to place an order.
  • The return on investment for the campaign was an outstanding 2.5x, indicating the success of the sampling strategy and its positive impact on brand awareness and sales.

By leveraging Paytm Ads’ advanced targeting capabilities and introducing gamified offer ads, the brand successfully captured the attention of its target audience and achieved remarkable results.

With Paytm Ads, you unlock the full potential of your sampling campaigns and connect with the right audience at the right time. To know more, write to

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How can I start a campaign with Paytm Ads?

Answer: Click here to start a campaign or write to us at  

Question 2: What kinds of campaigns can I run on Paytm Ads?

Answer:  Paytm Ads offers versatile campaign options. You can run brand awareness campaigns to increase visibility, product sampling campaigns to encourage product trials, sales and promotions campaigns to drive conversions, app installation campaigns to boost installs, and lead generation campaigns to collect user information and grow your customer base.

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