Why Offer Ads Can Be Crucial for Driving Instant Purchases

Paytm Offer Ads

In a world where the way we consume goods and services has shifted significantly, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. India has always been a price-sensitive market, with the strategic utilisation of offers and discounts to entice customers into trying out products.

Research shows that over 60% of consumers are more likely to purchase when they see an offer, and over 50% of online shoppers search for coupons before buying online.

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As consumers shift towards online purchasing, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies. One effective solution is to use targeted offer ads. Selecting the right platform that leverages audience insights is crucial. Platforms that map the consumer’s journey through transactional signals and product preferences can help businesses optimise their campaigns.

Paytm is one such platform that helps brands leverage its audience insights for enhanced performance of their offer ads. With over 350 million users, Paytm provides a suitable environment for crafting personalised offers, targeting specific customer segments, and building brand awareness.

In addition, Paytm Ads offers multiple ad formats and targeting options that can ensure the right message reaches the right audience.

Offer Ads yield a host of benefits for businesses, starting with the ability to acquire new customers. For example, posting offers on Paytm Ads can draw new customers to the business who might not have considered them previously, thus expanding the customer base.

Also, businesses can use Offer Ads to incentivise users to visit their websites, enabling a business to create or build a first-party database. Moreover, offer ads can help businesses re-engage with existing users, tempting them back to products they have used before but may not currently use.

What is the Range of Offer Ads on Paytm?

Paytm Ads offers a range of ad formats, like the popular Scratch Cards, dealspot banner ads on the post transactions screen, Jackpot, Hotdeal, Deals Marketplace etc., which can be tailored to specific audiences to trigger instant purchases and convert more customers.

Here are the advertisement formats that can be utilised:

  • Dealspot Banner: The recently unveiled Dealspot banner is visible as the user transacts, helping reach the most captive audience as they are glued to the screen for the transaction to complete. In addition, the dealspot banner is also integrated into the Chat section, which is visible in the My Voucher section, ensuring the users have top-of-mind recall of the brand offer.
  • Scratch Cards: They are gamified ad units that drive instant purchases. Users receive a discount code on a scratch card after completing a transaction on Paytm. By redeeming the offer on the brand’s website, users explore other products, aiding brand visibility. This approach helps brands acquire new customers.
  • Hot Deals: It lets users use Paytm Cashback points to generate coupon codes for discounted purchases on the brand’s website. 
  • Jackpot: It allows brands to feature their products as grand prizes, enticing users to participate and win rewards or enjoy exclusive offers. These ad units enable quick and convenient purchases, reducing drop-off rates and providing comprehensive campaign attribution.


Brands must select the right platform to execute their campaigns, with features that allow for data-driven decision-making and provide the right insights to understand the target audience truly.

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With Paytm Ads, brands can be assured of audience insights and a targeted platform to deliver effective offer ad campaigns. The range of innovative ad formats can help businesses enhance engagement and drive conversions. Furthermore, leveraging the platform to showcase brand offers and deals can boost brand awareness and increase a brand’s overall credibility in the market. Businesses can drive impulse purchases and unlock more revenues by providing users with personalised offers at the right time and place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are Offer Ads?

Answer: Offer Ads are advertising campaigns that promote special discounts, deals, or incentives to entice customers to make immediate purchases.

Question 2: How can businesses benefit from Offer Ads?

Answer: Offer Ads can help businesses acquire new customers by attracting those who may not have considered their products or services. They can also incentivize users to visit their websites and create a first-party database. Additionally, offer ads can re-engage existing users, encouraging them to make repeat purchases.

Question 3: What ad formats do Paytm Ads offer for Offer Ads?

Answer: Paytm Ads offers a range of ad formats, including Scratch Cards, Dealspot Banner Ads, Jackpot, Hotdeal, etc. These formats can be tailored to specific audiences to trigger instant purchases and convert more customers.

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