Are You Reaching The Right Customers?

Marketers have to be sure of which targeting methods to use before they get ready to plug in new campaigns. Reaching the most appropriate audience is predominant in making successful campaigns. The last thing a brand wants to do is send out an expensive campaign aimed at the wrong audiences.

The challenge for brands, however, lies in identifying the right customers in this digital-first, cross-device world that is more complex than it was previously. Engaging with customers across multiple touch points throughout their user journey, delivering relevant ads based on user information, campaigns need to be executed on the basis of cross-device data that suits unified customer profiles.

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Here’s a closer look at 3 strategies for customer targeting used by Paytm Ads to deliver successful campaigns: 

3 Strategies For Customer Targeting

  1. Deterministic Over Probabilistic: Deterministic data, also identified as first-party data, is provided by customers to unify device-level data to unique customer profiles. Applying deterministic data can allow marketers to build accurate customer profiles based on the information provided by them directly, thereby helping brands to provide personal experiences and maximize engagement.With over 200 data signals based on locations, transactions, affinity, geography & lifestyle, Paytm Ads is able to target users and provide solutions that will increase brand reach and acquire new users while maintaining a target customer acquisition cost.
  2. Use Of Custom Cohorts: Once the audience group is identified, the next step is cohort targeting. Customizing cohorts can help marketers in understanding customer behaviour, which helps in adapting the campaign messaging for specific audiences. Customer cohorts also help brands be assured of their audiences and optimize their campaign spends.
    Using Paytm Ads Custom Cohort Solutions, marketers can get a micro view of users’ in-app activities and optimize the user acquisition costs through advanced cohort analysis based on user behavior on the Paytm App.
  3. Retarget Based On Past Behavior: Paytm Ads retargeting solution targets the Paytm App users in real-time based on their in-app behavior, purchase history both online and offline, and other personalized attributes.Retargeting helps to drive incremental ROI through accurate attribution for every conversion, reduced wastage on campaign costs, higher engagement, and conversion from remarketing campaigns.

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