Paytm For Business App

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We are here to revolutionize the way you have been doing your business with the Paytm for Business App. This is your go to app to manage your business efficiently.

Paytm for Business is an app to help you to start accepting payments digitally and instantly view you transactions without the need to wait for a confirmation SMS or e-mail.The app also allows you to check the details of every transaction, download daily or weekly reports and gain access to critical information like estimated time of bank settlement, among other things. 

Let us explore top Features of Paytm for Business App

  1. Using  the payments tab feature, you can easily track payments received and even download statements 
  2. Instant Settlement feature allows you to manually transfer money to your bank accounts at any point of time
  3. Enjoy several cashback benefits by simply activating the cashback offer on your Paytm for Business App
  4. You can easily update your existing bank account details or even add a new bank account 
  5. Order qr link qr
  6. Request payment with payment link 

Watch the video to understand your Paytm App better 

Let’s get know some of the features in detail. 

How to track your payments?

 You can easily track your payments with the Payments section in your Business with Paytm App.

 How to change and update Bank account details?

No need to visit any bank. You can easily change and update your bank account details by simply going to the settings tab in the App

 How to Order and Link new QR Code?

You can easily order a new QR code by following simple steps on your Paytm for Business App and link that QR code to your account in a few seconds.

 How to activate your cashback?

You can enjoy cashbacks by activating the Cashback offers on your business with Paytm App

 How to do a manual transfer to your bank account?

You can manually transfer  money to your bank account by simply going to the settlements tab on your Paytm for Business App.

We are sure that you will be able to use these features to enhance your business.

Click here to download Paytm for Business App.


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