Promote your Shop with Paytm

In today’s market, entrepreneurs/shopkeepers need to focus on their online marketing efforts in order to compete and attract more customers. Reaching your customers is the most crucial task for your business growth.

Fortunately, you don’t need expensive and complex marketing campaigns or a big budget to rapidly reach more customers. We have made it easier for you to reach your customers through Promote Your Shop option on Paytm for Business App. Small businesses have never had access to such a cost-effective & trackable marketing tool like this before. 

What better way to connect with loyal customers than Promote Your Shop, an interface that integrates location technology, allowing delivery of personalized messages to consumers near your stores. 

Location-awareness opens an entirely new channel for you and your customers to personally connect before, during and after a shopping experience. Customers within 10 km, will be notified about your promotions and services through SMS.

These promotions will appear on the customer’s Paytm app “Nearby Stores” section

Promote with Paytm features help you to : 

  • Inform your customers about new arrivals, services, offers etc.
  • Create announcements for your business
  • Receive feedback and ratings from your customers
  • Get preference in the Nearby section

If you activate an offer, all the customers within a 10 km radius will be able to see your outlet in their “Nearby” section here :

Features of Promote Your Shop :

Promote Your Shop is easy to use a method that does not require you to be technically skilled.

It allows you to create promotional offers for the customers with the click of a button. The customers will be able to see all the promotions created by you in their Paytm consumer app

  • Note – This feature has been introduced in the Business App for selected merchants

Two types of plans are available 

  • Standard- One-time trial plan, which is free of cost and allows you to create a one time trial. 
  • Premium- Paid Plan with SMS notifications

Let us explore more about the two different types of offerings under Premium Campaign

Subscription Plan– If you want to avail these offerings on a recurring basis, you can go for a subscription plan.

One time Plan- If you would like to go for a one time benefit only, choose the One time plan

Features of the offerings

Offering 1: CLM

It is the easiest way to reach your nearby customers! You can create and showcase your best offers through SMS and grow your business

  • Create your offers easily 
  • Select from a variety of SMS plans 
  • Increase the number of customers

Offering 2: Priority Listing

  • Subscribe for priority listing plan through Paytm for Business App
  • Enjoy priority listing in the Paytm Nearby store section
  • See more customers visit your shop!

Utilize the “Promote Your Shop” option and increase the number of customers visiting your store.

We are here to support you to improve your business in every possible way.

Click here to download Paytm for Business App and start promoting your business.


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