How to create a campaign with Promote your Shop?

Steps to send SMS update to customers

Business with Paytm allows you to purchase SMS packs and create customized shop updates regarding your shop opening and closing timings and whether you do home delivery

Step 1 – Open Paytm for business app and tap on ‘Promote your shop’

Step 2 – Navigate down to ‘Premium campaign’ section. This section will show your subscribed plan. You will need to create a new post to send SMS to customers. Tap on ‘Create post’ to start

Step 3 – On top you will notice multiple images. Choose the one most relevant to your shop or take a photo of your shop

Step 4 – Select offer details section and enter updates about your shop.

Example of updates:

  • Rice, aata, dal, oil, spices all available. Shop open from 10am -2pm.
  • All medicines available, shop open 10am -2pm, homedelivery available.

You don’t need to add shop address, a link to your shop is automatically added in SMS. Tap on submit.

Step 5– This section is optional, tap on ’skip’ to finish

Step 6 – That’s it. Your SMS will be sent to customers post verification of offer text. This may take few hours.

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