Collect Payments with UPI: The Biggest Industry Disruptor


UPI has been stealing thunder from different payment methods for quite some time now. It has grown to become the most preferred payment method among customers and modern businesses for offering seamless transactions, instant money transfer, and more. With UPI, customers can make payments directly through their bank accounts without the need to enter their net banking or debit card details. Here a VPA (Virtual Payment Address) is used to fetch bank account details.

The integration of UPI in your business can change the whole picture of your payments process, ensuring better revenues and lowered cost. Features like real-time transaction and instant notification of payments make UPI an ideal payment option for different kinds of transactions and platforms. 

If you are looking for an ideal UPI solution for your evolving payment needs, Paytm’s proven UPI solutions can help you accept payments from customers instantly without any hassles. Paytm UPI empowers merchants and customers to receive and make payments via their mobile devices. Read on to know how Paytm UPI solutions can optimize your UPI payments.

Boost payments collection with Paytm’s UPI solutions

With UPI solutions by Paytm, merchants can accept payments on their platform and can boost their payment collections. As UPI payments provide easy and swift authentication, they are great alternatives to Net Banking and Debit Cards. All that is required is a UPI PIN to authenticate payments for enabling merchants to receive payments efficiently.

Paytm UPI empowers businesses to a great length and supports interoperability to make payments via UPI ID, UPI Apps, and UPI Linked Bank Accounts. Here a customer has the choice to pay via his/her preferred UPI app or bank accounts linked to Paytm UPI on the merchant payments page. Also, with Paytm UPI merchants can refer to the Paytm app to make the payment. These innovative online payment solutions are a boon for modern businesses where they can make their payments collection process seamless and more convenient.


The innovative UPI feature from Paytm not only simplifies online payments for retail shops, service providers, or any other business but also enables merchants to authenticate and accept payments instantly. Also, it empowers the merchants to provide a better payment experience to users while making UPI payments. Paytm’s UPI solutions work well on different platforms covering Android, iOS, mobile-web, and the web. 

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Why do merchants rely On Paytm’s UPI solutions?

With key features such as Paytm UPI Intent, UPI InApp, and UPI Collect, merchants give more flexibility and ease to their customers for making payments. They can achieve stunning results in their business payments by integrating these useful features, for they can enhance user experience that ultimately results in a better conversion rate. 

  • UPI Intent: Enables the users to pay using any UPI app available on his/her device and helps deliver a seamless user experience with automatic switching between the merchant app to the user-selected UPI app.
  • UPI InApp: In this, user’s bank accounts linked to Paytm UPI are visible on the merchant app. Customers can select any bank account from their UPI linked bank accounts and pay directly without switching to UPI Apps. Also, merchants get access to over 100 million UPI linked bank accounts of Paytm users. 
  • UPI Collect: It allows merchants to accept payments from customers using UPI without any separate integration. This payment mode is available with all Paytm solution offerings. 

Merchants enjoy the benefits of high success rates with Paytm UPI payment coupled with UPI 2.0 features like UPI Mandates and Smart Intent. This powerful method ensures a smoother and simpler payment process without multiple validations or logins.

Paytm UPI solutions also let merchants manage their accounts, check payments, view settlements, initiate refunds, download reports, and more. Merchants can manage their overall business more effectively with real-time reports and business-critical statistics by using Paytm’s powerful dashboard.  

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Final thoughts  

UPI is one of the finest ways to make and receive payments for consumers and merchants as well as a great alternative to net banking and debit cards, and other such online payment methods. Today millions of users in India prefer UPI to make payments as it is a much smoother, quicker, and easier method. By making the payment process cashless and seamless, this payment mechanism proves to be more economical and safer. Besides, it can replace the cash on delivery option making UPI just perfect for eCommerce sites. 

When it comes to UPI solutions, Paytm has the best to offer to the businesses in terms of enhancing their payment process. Simplicity, flexibility, and enhanced user experience is what makes it the most preferred platform for businesses. Paytm UPI drives end-to-end UPI transactions within its ecosystem. Besides, it has higher success rates for UPI payments offering options for both money transfers and merchant payments.   

Nowadays, many leading players like IRCTC, Dominos, Zomato, Uber, UrbanClap, Swiggy, and BigBasket are leveraging the powerful features Paytm offers for their large amount of UPI payments. So, wait no more? Take a step towards digitizing your business and equip yourself with Paytm’s UPI integration to ensure a fast, seamless collection of UPI payments.

With its industry-grade UPI solution, best technical infrastructure, and a large customer base, Paytm offers highly dependable and comprehensive UPI solutions to businesses.  


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