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Payouts and Bank Transfers

The payment is transferred to your bank on the next day of the transaction made. For example, if you make a transaction in the evening today it will be transferred by the end of the day tomorrow.

If you do not receive your payment on the next day then we request you to wait for another 72 hours as we automatically keep retrying to transfer money for the next 3 days. In case it still doesn’t happen you can raise a request at our help desk number 0120- 4440440.

For tracking your payments/bank transfer on the Business with Paytm app follow the steps mentioned:

For payments paid:

Open Paytm Business app, Tap on >> Payments>>Select desired dates on calendar mentioned on right upper corner

All paid payments will appear with the date and receiver’s number. You can download the statement as well.

For settled/bank transfers:

Open Paytm Business app, Tap on >> Bank Transfers >>Select desired dates on calendar mentioned on right upper corner.

All received payments for the dates will appear with date and time of settlement. You can download the statement as well.

A UTR number is available for every transfer we make in your account. You can check the UTR in the SMS we send against the transaction or on Paytm for Business app (Click here to download) by following steps:

For Bank Settlements:

  1. Go to bank transfer tab on Business with Paytm app
  2. Select date of transaction you want to reconcile on calendar icon given on right upper corner
  3. The total amount will reflect on the top with individual transactions settled in your account
  4. Tap on any transaction to find UTR No

The same UTR number for the transaction is available in your bank passbook/statement. It can be matched for reconciling.

App Login Services

Please login using the same Paytm credentials as you do on your Paytm app . If you have forgotten the password, try resetting your password by clicking on Forgot Password.

In case you are unable to reset the password by clicking on forgot password or have any other issues with regards to reset the password, please follow the steps given below:

  • Call on (0120- 4440440) from your registered mobile number
  • Choose Profile/login issues
  • Press 1 to reset your password and wait for IVR to complete its narration then press 1 again
  • A verification link will be sent to you through SMS on your registered number
  • Upon clicking the link, it will direct you to web page asking to ‘Create new Paytm password’
  • Enter the ‘New Password’ and click on ‘Update’
  • Your password will be updated

Limits and Charges

As a Paytm Prime/KYC wallet user, you can accept up to Rs. 1 lakh in a month. You can transfer to bank/wallet Rs.10,000 without adding beneficiary and Rs. 25000 by adding a beneficiary.

How to add Beneficiary?

Please click on profile icon in the top right corner of your Paytm App. Select Manage Beneficiaries and then you can Add New Beneficiary to transfer money.

Note: In case you are not able to see ‘ Add beneficiary’ option on the app. Please log out of your Paytm account and login again.

As a Paytm Minimum KYC user, you can accept or add up to Rs 10,000 in your Paytm wallet.  You can do transactions/pay to our offline merchants, online merchants, shop or recharge at Paytm.

As a Paytm Basic Wallet (a non KYC user), you cannot add or receive money in your Paytm wallet. In case you already have money in your wallet, you can use this to do transactions/pay to our offline merchants, online merchants, shop or recharge at Paytm.  The validity of such balances is 5 years.

You cannot transfer this money to any other user or to account in another bank.

To upgrade your wallet limit, click here – , enter a valid document id, your name as given on document in your Paytm app.

With Paytm, accept payment directly in your bank account. The amount accepted through QR code will automatically settle down in your linked bank account with us on the end of the next day. To know more about the charges which will be applicable to your account, please check limit’s section in your Business with Paytm App or Merchant Panel. 

You can see transactions and collection directly from your android/iOS smartphone just by downloading and login on our Paytm for Business app.

To download the app click here

  • Track payments– You can view transactions directly from the app.
  • Reconcile settlements– You can view your collection or settlement on a daily,weekly or monthly basis. 
  • Manage QR codes: Now track your collections QR code wise and view all of them directly in your app
  • Profile- Check out your profile details as well as limits related information directly in the app.

Accepting Payments

You can track the payments by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Business with Paytm app
  2. Log in with your Paytm registered mobile number and password
  3. By default, you will be on the Home screen where you will see latest payments received. 
  4. Tap on Refresh, on top of the screen, now you can see the most recent payments on top of this list.
  5. Tap on the Payment, it will take you to the next screen where you can see a green tick mark which confirms that the payment has been received along with the first two and last four digits of the mobile number of the customer. 
  6. Under Latest Payments received you can see 3 most recent payments, by tapping on Show more the list expands up to 10. 

To download Business with Paytm app click

If you do not have a smartphone,  you can give a missed call at 7053112112 from your registered Paytm mobile number and you will get an SMS from us giving the following information:

  • Collection balance of the day till that point of time (eg: if you give a missed call at 4 pm, it will give total payment collected till 4 pm on that day)
  • Details of last three transactions 

To view the payments received for the day, you can view it in the Business with Paytm app by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the Paytm for Business app
  2. Login with your credentials
  3. Tap on Payments at the bottom of the app screen
  4. On top right corner of the screen, there will be a drop down to select the time frame, tap on it and select Today
  5. Your total payments received for the day with individual payment details will show here.

To download Paytm for Business app for Android/iOS

In case you do not have a smartphone you can give a missed call at 7053112112, you will receive an SMS for the same

An order id is available in SMS we send for every payment received in your account. You can also check order id on Business with Paytm app (Click here to download) by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Payments tab on Paytm for Business app.
  2. Select date of payment for which you want order id on calendar icon given on right upper corner.
  3. The total amount will reflect then on the top with individual transactions settled in your account

Tap on any transaction to view order IDBusiness with Paytm app

How to register as a Merchant, KYC Point, BC Agent

Dear merchant, visit  Login with your Paytm credentials and fill in the required details to get a QR code and start accepting payments up to Rs 50,000 directly in your bank account.Terms & conditions apply.

To resolve your query for different issues with us please find our dedicated helpline numbers below.

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