1. What is the significance of Checksum?-

    The checksum is used to authenticate that the requests and responses are coming from a trusted source and the API requests and responses shared between your application and Paytm over a network have not been tampered with.

  2. Can I install the Paytm Checksum utility via package manager?+
  3. Can we generate the checksum from the frontend?+
  4. For which backend languages Paytm Checksum utility is supported?+
  5. Which one among JSON Post Request or Form Post Request is recommended while sending API requests to create or validate checksum?+
  6. Which Parameters are required for creating the Checksum?+
  7. When Paytm processes the API request?+
  8. What happens after the transaction is processed successfully?+
  9. How to validate the Checksum?+

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