Custom Checkout FAQs

Please refer to the frequently asked questions related to Custom Checkout and its integration.


  1. Is calling Fetch payment options mandatory?-

    The API call is used to create your cashier page where the paymodes will be displayed. If you are calling it when the user isn't logged into Paytm account, you can skip this call as the response will always have the same details except for NB channel details as the top 5 banks are shown on the basis of success rates. If the call is made when the user is logged into Paytm account, you should make this call as each user has different saved instrument and wallet balance.

  2. How do I handle pending transactions at my end?+
  3. How to handle insufficient wallet balance scenario?+
  4. How are cards saved on Paytm during transactions?+
  5. I am getting "Merchant is not accepting payment through BALANCE" in fetch payment options API for wallet. What does this mean?+
  6. I am getting "invalid paymode" in process transaction API?+
  7. I am getting "service isn't exist" for net banking. What do I do?+
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