Wireless API Integration


  1. What does Accepted Success means?-

    ACCEPTED_SUCCESS means the Paytm Server has accepted the payment request. Paytm Server will try to push the request to the Paytm POS machine for 5 minutes post which timeout occurs. Paytm POS machine will not accept a payment request if it is in sleep mode. The machine should be in active mode and the payment app should be in an open state to receive any pending requests from the server.

  2. How to generate the checksum?+
  3. How to pass pre select transaction paymode?+
  4. What is acquirementId in the Status Enquiry API ?+
  5. Can we void the transactions after T+1 day ?+
  6. Is it possible to get the Pay Method value in transaction response ?+
  7. What is the mandatory body parameter to initiate the Sale request?+
  8. Is it mandatory to pass paytmMid and paytmTid in the API?+
  9. How to initiate the refund through API?+
  10. How to test the API and flow in a UAT environment ?+
  11. Should the Paytm POS machine be connected to a network for processing the transactions?+
  12. What is the expiry time limit of CARD and DQR on the Paytm POS machine?+


Bluetooth Integration


  1. What is the use of BT connect App?-

    BT Connect App maintains Bluetooth connectivity between the POS application and the Paytm payments app on the Paytm POS machine

  2. What type of application supports bluetooth integration?+
  3. How to make connectivity between applications and Paytm POS machine through bluetooth?+
  4. Can we integrate with IOS and Windows based applications ?+
  5. Is it possible to cancel the ongoing transaction in bluetooth integration?+
  6. How to check the bluetooth connectivity status?+
  7. Can we get the transaction callback response?+
  8. Is it possible to connect multiple POS machines at the same time?+
  9. Can we add the extra key and value for print receipt?+


Wired Integration


  1. How is the connectivity established in wired connection?-

    Wired Connectivity is established between Merchant System and Paytm POS machine via USB Wire (Internally carried away by Paytm Wired ECR Library).

  2. How to check the connectivity status in wired integration?+
  3. What is portName?+
  4. How to void the transaction on Wired integration?+
  5. How to cancel the on-going transaction?+
  6. Is there any way to give the print transaction receipt command from billing pos to Paytm POS machine?+


App Invoke Integration


  1. What are the system requirements for App invoke integration?-

    Android based application which is on JAVA/KOTLIN supported for now.

  2. Will SDK for HYBRID applications be provided by Paytm?+
  3. How to install an application on the Paytm POS machine.+
  4. What EDC_PACKAGE name should be passed for debug and production?+
  5. What does VAPT Stand for? Is VAPT Required for the App Invoke Integration+
  6. How can we give the app visibility on Paytm launcher home screen ?+
  7. How do we get the transaction status?+

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