Payment Request Overview



This guide explains how to integrate the Paytm POS machine with the store's Billing POS system. This integration allows you to send the Customer Payment Request (CPay) from your store to the Paytm EDC Transaction Queue wirelessly (using the internet). The EDC Queue keeps track of these requests and uses your Paytm POS machine to collect payments.


Payment Request Flow


This feature allows you to send customer payment transactions from your Billing POS system to Paytm. You can then use your Paytm POS machines to collect these payments wirelessly using an internet connection. Further, you can check the status of the payment requests from the Paytm POS machine.


Initiating Payment Request



  1. Merchant's Billing POS system calls Paytm's [POST] /edc-integration-service/payment/request API.
  2. Paytm's API generates a Payment Request ID (CPay) for the transaction and sends it back to the merchant's Billing POS.


    • Payment Request ID (CPay) is a random number generated by the Paytm system.
    • Standard Payment Request ID (CPay) will be of 6 digits. However, it can be customized on the basis merchant's request.


  3. Merchant can save this Payment Request ID (CPay) in their system.
  4. Merchant can use any Paytm POS machine with the same MID (Merchant ID) to retrieve the payment request using the Payment Request ID (CPay).

     Note: If the Payment Request ID (CPay) is invalid, the Paytm POS machine will show an error message.

  5. Once successfully fetched, the merchant can use the Paytm POS machine to collect the payment for that Payment Request ID (CPay) and complete the transaction.

     Note: If the payment is already collected for the fetched transaction then the user will be shown a message stating invalid transaction.


Checking Payment Request Status


  1. Merchant's Billing POS system calls Paytm's [GET] /edc-integration-service/txn/status API.
  2. Paytm's API returns the current status of the transaction, which can be IN_QUEUE, PENDING, FAILED, COMPLETED, EXPIRED, or CANCELLED.