Offer configuration via Paytm Dashboard

The bank offers configuration through Paytm Dashboard is an option made available to select merchants of Paytm so that they can configure their bank offers’ campaigns in DIY mode ( In DIY mode, the merchant can create offer rules and can configure end-to-end campaign construct on their own through our merchant panel). This gives enhanced control of the campaign in the hands of the merchant. Merchants can now control the campaign at the granular level and can define the rules which must be satisfied in order for user gratification to happen.

To get detailed information on how to configure a bank offer campaign through the Paytm Dashboard, download the document here.

Demo of Offer configuration via Paytm Dashboard

The video below demonstrates how easily anyone can configure an offer through Paytm Dashboard.



How to run offers

It is important to note that integration with Paytm PG is required to run these offers. To configure bank offers in DIY mode, Bank offers tab needs to be activated in the Paytm Dashboard, you may contact us or contact your KAM for the same.